Mr. Johnson has over 49 years of experience in civil engineering, specializing the last 45 years in hazardous waste management engineering. He has worked both in the United States and internationally. He has headed teams that have successfully designed, obtained permitting for, and operated six commercial hazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities in Alabama, California, Louisiana, and Texas. Disposal methods at these facilities included secure chemical landfills, industrial landfarms, chemical processing, underground injection wells, and incineration. He also has designed and developed hazardous waste reclamation and detoxification facilities, managed emergency cleanup work, and provided remedial action responses at uncontrolled sites. He has acted as a liaison between the waste disposal industry and governmental regulatory agencies.

Mr. Johnson is the co-inventor of a U.S. patented process for solar evaporation volume-reduction for aqueous waste and the sole inventor of a U.S. patented process for a new form of leak detection under landfills and impoundments. He helped secure the nation's first approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) disposal. He has led environmental due diligence teams both domestically and internationally for major mergers and acquisitions, followed by environmental policy development and implementation assignments for the new entities. He has authored or co-authored more than 50 technical reports and publications on waste management.

Employment History

1999 - Current: Engineering Pathways (EP) - President

1980 - 1999: Harding Lawson Associates (HLA) - Senior Vice President in U.S. and President of HLA’s operations in Mexico and Latin America

1978 - 1980: Chemical Waste Management (CWM) - Regional Manager for the Southern U.S. and Vice President of CWM’s Alabama subsidiary

1971 - 1977: IT Corporation - President of IT’s three disposal subsidiaries

1967 - 1971: Exxon - Engineer and Distribution Supervisor for Exxon Marketing in California and Nevada

Registration and Certification

Professional Engineer - Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas.

Litigation Support

Since 1971, Mr. Johnson has provided expert witness testimony and reports for a large number of legislative and regulatory public hearings, city council meetings, board of supervisors meetings, and planning commissions. For the most part these events occurred in the states in which Mr. Johnson is registered as a professional engineer. He has also provided expert opinions in proceedings involving both administrative and civil law. For example:

Evolution of solid and hazardous waste management in the US and its associated regulatory structure: 1971-date

Mr. Johnson has been actively involved with solid and hazardous waste management since 1971. As a result of this long tenure, he has seen the development and evolution of solid and hazardous waste management in the US and its associated regulatory structure-both at the state and Federal level. Most of the major laws related to solid and hazardous waste management have been passed and their implementing regulations developed during this period (i.e. RCRA, CERCLA and TSCA).

This historic understanding is helpful in understanding the state of the practice at different time periods for hazardous waste management.

Evolution of the state of the practice as it relates to responding to hazardous waste releases: 1971-date

Mr. Johnson has been actively involved for more than four decades in planning and implementing regulatory agency approved technical responses to releases of hazardous wastes. The technologies used have undergone significant change over this period of time, as have the regulatory rules, regulations and guidance regarding the appropriate type and level of response.

As a Senior Officer of a major national consulting engineering firm for 20 years, Mr. Johnson gained a significant understanding of what constitutes "good consultant and contractor practice" in responding to hazardous waste releases to the environment.

Historic practices of the commercial hazardous waste management industry in the US

Mr. Johnson was actively employed in the commercial hazardous waste management industry from 1971-1979 and has been working with and auditing this industry since that period of time. This has given him a good understanding of the historic practices in this industry.

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